Welcome to The Gateway Experience In Home Training Series!

Astral travel, out-of-body experience, or astral projection – no matter what you call it, the experience is something you’ll never forget.

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The Gateway Experience Waves I – VI Complete Set

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Many people have these experiences without trying and then wonder what the heck happened. Maybe you are one of them.

Other people hear about them and want to find out how to do it.
Maybe you’re one of them.

Well, which ever you are, you are in the right place!

The Gateway SetThe Gateway Experience gives you easy-to-follow, guided instructions on how you can start experiencing this natural, altered state of consciousness that can open new doors for you into a realm of fascinating adventure!

You will learn how to get your body and your mind into the state necessary for you to begin leaving your physical body and entering the so-called astral plane. You will also learn that there is no reason to fear this process – everyone comes back.

Gateway Experience Sleepsonic Deluxe KitYou just come back with a new understanding that you are more than just your body. You are an unlimited being that has more potentials than you ever thought possible!

The Gateway Experience is an audio program designed to increase your ability to visualize and to excite you with the idea of the out-of-body process; a process that has been proven to be effective over the last 40 years.

The Gateway Experience is the in-home training program of The Monroe Institute’s world renowned Gateway Voyage, a six-day life enhancing meditation program.

Once you start, you will begin to see results right away. You just need to be open to the experience of self discovery and keep discovering.

The program was created in what are called “Waves”, and each one guides you further and further into the experience. You can listen to them as many times as you want and advance at your own pace.

You can buy this series one “Wave” at a time, or you can go for it and buy the complete set.

The Gateway Experience Complete set

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The links below will take you to more information about each of the CD Waves:

Wave I – Discovery

Wave II – Threshold

Wave III – Freedom

Wave IV – Adventure

Wave V – Exploring Focus 15

Wave VI – Odyssey

Waves I – VI Complete Set

It’s never too late to start discovering who you really are. It may amaze you!

Gateway Experience Review

Gateway Experience Review

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7 thoughts on “Welcome to The Gateway Experience In Home Training Series!

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  2. Jessie Neagle

    I bought the set from one of your affiliates about two years. I want to listen to them again, but find the second track of the first CD has distorted sound. This would be due to my carelessness in not putting them back in their containers.

    Is it possible to purchase a replacement for this CD? or even a download.

    1. Traveler Post author

      Hi Jesse,

      Yes it is possible to buy a replacement CD. Please call 1 (408) 357-4183 during regular business hours, Pacific Time and Julia will help you.

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  4. M. L.

    I would like to know if one can participate in any of the Monroe Institutes 6 day in house programs that require the prerequisite of the Gateway Voyage if one has completed the Gateway Experience I – VI CD’s?

  5. andreafburns

    I have the Gateway Experience CDs but I only use my ipod now but the CD’s will not rip. Any suggestions?


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